Wind energy has undergone outstanding development in recent times and has an expected average yearly rate of growth up to 2035 of about 7%.

Renewem operates in a substantially way for the expansion of wind power with significant attention to technology innovation and offering reduced visual impact and capacity to allow startup even with low wind speed.

The design activity foresees, besides the planning and the management during all the phases, also the realization of the plant and the customer support during the entire authorization iter.

Engineering services could be provided full integrated or as single specialistic performances, on the basis of client requests and needs.

  • Preliminary design of the plant layout on the basis of the estimated eolic resource, of access viability, of environmental constraints and of available lands;
  • Detailed design of mechanical works: selection and design of the wind turbine tower;
  • Detailed and executive design of civil works: pads and foundations, layout of viability;
  • Detailed design of electrical works: electrical substation, single line diagram, electrical line layout;
  • Drawing up of all the documentation needed for authorizations and assistance during all the procedures;
  • Market analysis and business plan.