Consumptions rationalization and full awareness of the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources are the main issues for the future of the Earth. The combining of economic and energetic development with... read more →

  Geothermal Projects

On the basis of liberalization of Italian geothermal sector with the Law decree n. 22 of February 11th 2010, Renewem Srl decides to start up several initiatives for electric energy production from geothermal source. read more →

  Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hydroelectric power production was the core business from which RENEWEM starts its growth. Its main operations are in the Tuscany Region, where the company’s headquarters are located and where it has 3 hydroelectric plants. read more →


Trasmissione dei dati di monitoraggio delle grandi dighe - Transmission of large dams monitoring data

ITA Il Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei trasporti e il Dipartimento della Protezione Civile al fine dell’attuazione del monitoraggio delle grandi Dighe hanno sancito l’obbligo per i Concessionari e i Gestori di fornire, per via telematica e

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RENEWEM is associated to assoRinnovabili

RENEWEM is associated to assoRinnovabili, association of manufacturers, industries and services for renewable energies. With more than 1000 associates, 2.400 power plants and 13.000 more then 13.000 MW that produce 30 billion kWh of clean electric e

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RENEWEM attended to IRANITALY Summit on Tehran - May 16th and 17th

On May 16th and 17th The first edition of the Iran-Italy Summit promoted by The European House  - Ambrosetti has took place in Tehran. RENEWEM attended to the summit as one of main partners and partecipated at the round table of the session named "

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