Geothermal technology is a response to the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development: indeed, it is a source that “works” in a constant and foreseeable manner and does not generate carbon dioxide emissions. Not yet fully utilized, geothermal has ample room for growth. at the end of 2011, the installed capacity in the world was approximately 11 GW, and is expected to reach 43 GW in 2035, with an average annual growth rate of approximately 6%.

In 2010 Renewem decides to invest in geothermal field and today is able to cover the entire cycle, from exploration to construction and exploitation of power plants.

Renewem mainly operates in the field of medium-enthalpy geothermal energy, the technique for exploiting this resource is made up of binary cycle thanks to which heat can be converted into electricity at low temperature, typical in many water-dominated hydrothermal sources.

This technology respect the environment and ensure resource sustainability.

In addition Renewem also operates in the field of traditional high-enthalpy geothermal energy.

The design activity foresees, besides the planning and the management during all the phases, also the realization of the plant and the customer support during the entire authorization iter. Engineering services could be provided full integrated or as single specialistic performances, on the basis of client requests and needs.

  • Feasibility studies, analysis and first assessments including the collection of geological, hydrogeological geophysical and thematic data of potential interest for mining projects;
  • Exploration and exploitation licences applications, drafting of the needed documentations for mining licences applications including drafting of the documentations for environmental authorizations.;
  • Drafting of the needed documentations for obtaining of authorizations for geophysical survey and/or explorative drillings;
  • Management and support through all the entire life of the geothermal project.

RENEWEM can also act as EPCC contractor ensuring the construction, delivery, installation and start-up of the geothermal power plant to its customers, overseeing the detailed design of the entire geothermal system, procurement of all necessary components and materials.

For this purpose, RENEWEM cooperates with leading Italian manufacturers of components of geothermal systems.