Environmental protection contributes to making our communities and ecosystems diverse, sustainable and economically productive.

Renewem can also provide tailored environmental services aimed to environmental restoration, dredging, solidification, containment systems, waste disposal, and more.

The design activity foresees, besides the planning and the management during all the phases, also the realization of the plant and the customer support during the entire authorization iter.

Engineering services could be provided full integrated or as single specialistic performances, on the basis of client requests and needs.

  • Remediation, site investigation, site assessment and conceptual site model development, remedial investigations and and corrective actions, mass flux/mass discharge assessment for chemicals in vapor, surface water and groundwater;
  • Design and engineering of remediation , feasibility studies and alternatives analysis, in situ remediation, design and implementation of physical containment, O&M and optimization of the remedial system.
  • Waste management, feasibility studies, planning, siting and permitting of facility, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations, collection and transportation, engineering design and construction management, Drainage and infrastructure design, energy recovery.
  • Hazard Mitigation, Emergency management, effective planning, hazard assessment.
  • Envirnomental noise, measurement and monitoring, acoustic noise modeling.