Renewem is committed to the development and generation of energy from biomass through power plants with an elevated efficiency and with high level of flexibility concerning the biomass used. In particular our plan of development consist in a realization of low environmental impact power plants and the creation of local chains of biomass supply both for the use of local natural resources and for the direct and indirect local employment.

The design activity foresees, besides the planning and the management during all the phases, also the realization of the plant and the customer support during the entire authorization iter.

Engineering services could be provided full integrated or as single specialistic performances, on the basis of client requests and needs.

  • Analysis of site characteristics;
  • Studies about availability, typology and location of the biomass available in the area;
  • Verify of the operational methodologies for collecting, treatment, moving and storage;
    Designing of the main characteristics of the power plant as composition, thermal and electrical power producible, mass and energy balance;
  • Designing of the productive cycle, principles of operation, main parts, utilized fuels and related consumption, comparison between best available technologies;
  • Production efficiency and economic simulations.