full_sustainibilityConsumptions rationalization and full awareness of the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources are the main issues for the future of the Earth.

The combining of economic and energetic development with environmental safeguard is a no longer deferrable requirement that point out to everyone's attentions the need of a responsible behavior aimed to rationalize consumptions also in the view of energetic efficiency and to  minimize wastes through eco-friendly policies and behavior.

Renewable energy is a concrete and sustainable response to such a complex scenario, marked by heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The exponential growth of renewable resource during recent years has laid the foundation for their continuous expansion and consolidation: by 2030 roughly 30% of the word's energy demand will be covered by green energy. Therefore, the global installed capacity of renewable energies will increase exponentially over the next 20 years through the development of several technologies and on all continents.

RENEWEM promotes a strategy that integrates both providing services for environmental protection and production of electric energy by renewable resources through newer technologies and with a full environmental sustainability with particular attention to safeguard of landscape and naturalistic aspects.

All the activities are developed with the purpose of operating on the territories in harmony and cooperation with the local authorities, ensuring a “ fully green” socio-economic impact.